Friday, 4 March 2011

HOPE- A Country Need

There have been innumerable stories of hate, violence and oppression from Pakistan and very few of hope, resilience and compassion. Not because we lack compassion, but because stories of hope are quite often drowned in news of hate and violence.
It has become increasingly difficult to not be disheartened given the circumstances we live in. May it be political, financial, social or religious – everything seems to have taken a massive toll on us. Making it almost impossible to remain anchored between times of grief and hopelessness.
We often talk about issues – pontificating, categorising, (over)analysing our many issues but often forgetting to offer an alternative. It is important to introspect but at the same time offering possible solutions is crucial, to help fill the void. In fact, the past couple of years we have been stormed with a deluge of issues; call it information overload if you may. But the truth remains, we desperately need an outlet or a platform that provides a glimmer of hope. That one little push that will make the journey easier and keep us motivated. We need is Hope and working on Hope project ensures me that One day Pakistani's ppl will Live a better life.

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