Saturday, 5 March 2011

Hope *Stories of Common ppl*

Hope is A power Given By GOD to Man. Hope is the Feeling Which Allow you To relive When there is no One out there for you. When  Every one is saying Give Up Hope whispers * DO it one more time*. I am telling you a story of A common People. Mr Ali was An Ex manager in HBL He had everythng in his life But after 2005 Earth Quake he lost everything, His family, house ,money.

Living Life was the most difficult Task for him, Everyday he Wants Death But When He Linked him self with Hope His life was getting better. Ali says* My life Was nothing more than a tissue paper , A Paper which was used several times. On different Ocassions i tried to cutoff my life But atlast I got Hope, When there was no one for me Out there*
Hope Is something More to Mr Ali Now he has again staryed His life with A Hope of good Days A head.

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