Friday, 18 March 2011

Hope Stories Of Common People
Mr Odunayo Oyenekan

Life is the Biggest Gift Of God to Man, Without Life Nothing is Possible.
God has Always Been Grateful To us, We Can't Even thank to Him in a Proper Way, Everybody Life is Full of Different Stories And Mysteries.
Hard Times Always Comes In EveryBody Life, Best Man is One Who Fights with them With courage and Bravery.
                    " A Horse Always Wins Race By Hunters from Rider, So if You Have Pain in Your Life,think God Want something out of you''

Here is a Hope Story of Mr Odunayo from Nigeria.When He was at 12 years old He felt Illed and His Condition was Bad. He was Shifted to Hospital, He stayed there for approx  2mths and 8dys. It was like His world was ending. He noticed that  his  dad was not regular at the hospital anymore and bcx everyone lost their HOPE that he will get better, for about 3-4 days no body was with him. He totally Lost hope and He was thinking that His life is at it's end But He Kept Hope in God.
''When God Protects you No one can Harm you but When God Harms You no one can protect you''
 God Gifted Him with Hope to live, He  started to recover little by little, And Now what He is  today by His grace on Dec 28  will be 27yrs.

Hope Is the Feeling which is always there for you when there is no one.

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