Monday, 7 March 2011

A Day In The History
International Women Day (8 March)

International Women's Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women’s Day is marked on the 8th of March every year.It is a major day of global celebration of women. In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women's economic, political and social achievements.
 Women Day is Basically celebrate to ensure that women and an are equal by birth and women got simliar rights as possesed by Men.

                             "Women are the real architects of society." ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe 
                              ''Fear God in Case of woman'' ~Muhammad (PBUH)
                              '' Women Are like candles handle them with care and love''~ WilliamWworth
                              '' At every Sucess of men there is woman'' Persian Quote

International Women's Day Is A hope for removing gender from the world. Hope women also get the same rights as Men have.  

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