Thursday, 24 February 2011

HOPE*Where are you*

Hope, anything that one wants, and at 
the moment of 'hope' they do not have. 

If hope were a feeling, I would hope, 
it be one of honesty and integrity. 
I would hope it would be love and empathy. 

If hope were a food, I would hope it 
would be filled with nourishment. 

If hope were music, I would hope, it 
was the kind of music, that you loved. 

If hope were a sound, I would hope it 
would by a symphony of love. 

If hope were a religion, I would hope it 
was your religion. 

If hope were belief, then I would hope, 
that belief would be, that there is one 
Supreme Being; who is by-lingual and 
of all faiths, and all creeds and colors. 

If hope were knowledge, I would hope, 
it had patience, understanding, the 
ability of comprehending the other 
persons point of view. I would also hope, 
that it had an unquenchable thirst, 
to continue to learn by experience and 

If hope could be seen, I would hope, all 
would see, the good in their fellow man. 

If hope were a wish, I would hope 
that all your dreams, and ambitions 
came true. 

If hope were you...if hope were me, I 
would hope, we never lost sight of 
those less fortunate. I would hope 
we would never be so self-centered 
or busy, that we neglected to extend 
a helping hand, to those in need. 

Finally if you hope this ends, let me 
conclude by saying.... 

If hope were a human, I would hope, that it 
realized, that if we want a better world, 
then we have to be better ourselves

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